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Since I was about 5, I’ve been told by people: be “less argumentative” this, “less cynical” that and “you’re too arrogant”. They were right. The truth is that I am all the above; but I’m also a believer that this world can only get better through friendly, respectful arguments. Even if we decide to agree to disagree, I’m glad we had that argument. We’re friends now.

Everything I write about is personal. It’s my view on things based on whatever I’ve seen, heard, thought, felt, learnt and read about. Sometimes, it happens to be based in undeniable facts; other times, not so much. I don’t claim to be a journalist, and will not pretend to be academically rigorous in my research, or in my presentation of complex topics. But I will cite my sources as much as I can. Most of it is also going to be political because man, says Aristotle, is a political animal. A lot of it may also be about my gripes with the world. But I will try to infuse a bit of everything else I like, love, hate and get annoyed by. The idea is to make more people see the world the way I do.

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Bad Marxism

I can’t say when it happened, but somewhere between the youthful summer of my ignorance and today, I awoke to the reality of Karl Marx. Nothing about my life so far had prepared me for this man. No, wait – that isn’t quite right. Everything about my life so far had ensured that I would…

The oldest weapon

Throughout history, humans have invented an infinite array of tools to perfect the art of waging war. Over time, this has created a variety of weapons to choose from: guns, swords and arrows are the most visible ones. But there were so many others that didn’t quite survive into the modern age – like spears,…

The Indian Conservative: Hindu apologism goes mainstream

Jaithirth Rao is an Indian businessman who founded Mphasis, a cookie-cutter IT outsourcing company based in Bangalore, India. In time, his stature as one of India’s aspirational new tech elites gave him space to air his views on politics, history, culture and a range of other social subjects. Rao calls himself a true-blue conservative in…


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