About me

I’m Chandra Shekar Surendra. Most of my friends call me CS; some of them also call me Chand. My parents call me Sunny, and some losers call me Shekar. Strangers call me Chandra. I’m about 5’8″.

I’m a marketer, writer and keen observer. I like cycling, long walks, history books, birds, the Civilization series and Nutella. I’m also a huge fan of cats, but don’t believe they can ever be truly domesticated. I don’t like being photographed and find the camera’s gaze deeply unsettling. I’m a mostly shy guy who doesn’t enjoy networking events but doesn’t really like to spend all day at the library either. I’m nowhere near as knowledgeable or wise or articulate as I’d like to be, but people turn to me for advice and I seem to get by fine so I guess I’m not half bad.

I’m not always itching for a fight, but once I’m in one, I don’t really back down. That said, I do like debates and arguments. If you find something you don’t agree with, message me on social media. I’m sure you can find me somehow. If you think I could do with some schooling, please send book recommendations my way. I’m a very slow reader so please don’t be offended if I don’t tell you my opinion of the book for ages. Be forewarned, though: I don’t really read self-help and management. Miss me with that self-fellatio.